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Photography by Nicholas Wall

Audubon Zoo – New Orleans


It has been a while since my last post so I thought I would share some pictures from my trip to the Audubon Zoo this Saturday.  It had rained all morning and the right before lunch the sun came out, making it nice and steamy, and it seemed to make many of the animals sleepy.  But there were a few animals out and about.  The birds were some of the few that were out in abundance.


This female lion was lying there until right before I took the shot she popped her head up then went right back down. Just luck that I got a shot of her with her eyes open.


Gigantic feet of Jean, a thirty-eight year old Asian Elephant.


Some sort of lizard in one the exhibits.  This one of my favorite shots of the day.


This goat was chewing on this tree stump.  I'm not sure why maybe grinding his teeth down?


They were cleaning each other.



Not sure what type of bird this is but it was definitely interesting.


The bobcat was in a playful mood.  It kept hiding behind the railing and poking its head up.



She really liked the camera; when I started talking pictures of her she kept coming closer and closer.  I have about five or six other shots of her.  She probably thought I had some tasty treats for her since there was a food dispenser near by.


Another one of my favorite shots.


When I went to take this shot I must have really upset them. They all started extending their wings and making these awful screeching noises.