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Photography by Nicholas Wall

Tech Friday Review – Incipio Smart Feather iPad 2 Case


Do you have an Apple iPad 2?
Do you have an Apple smart cover for it?
Do you wish you had protection for the backside of your iPad?

Well the Incipio iPad 2 smart feather case is the perfect solution. It gives you the full protection that the smart cover just cant provide by itself while still keeping the slimness of the iPad 2 design.



The price ($34.99) is kind of steep for what it is but it does it’s job and it’s one of only a very few solutions to the problem.  But if you bought an apple smart cover like me you end up spending about $110 for back and front protection.


It is designed very well, fitting on the iPad very nicely.  You simply snap the magnetic smart cover on, then the smart feather case clips on the back.  The case has a slight grip feel to it which is nice so it doesn't slide off a surface.  Also, the case actually covers the part of the smart cover where the magnet connects to the iPad; so it prevents the smart cover from pulling off (which I found to be a slight problem before).  It covers all four corners which adds more protection you wouldn’t get with just the smart cover.  But I think the biggest advantage is not scratching the back when sliding it on a table (which happened very easily and very quickly).



Above: You can see that the case really is "feather" thin


All in all it is definitely worth the money to protect your investment.  One last thing it comes in all the same colors as the smart cover.