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Photography by Nicholas Wall

Tech Friday Mini Review – Light It Magazine


"Light It"


Scott Kelby and the Kelby Team have done it again.  On Wednesday, only a few months after releasing the KelbyTraining App, Scott Kelby released the iPad exclusive "Light it" Magazine.  It's a photography magazine aimed at explaining how different lighting setups are used and that even the most amateur/hobbyist photographers can get shots like the pros.

First impression….awesome! Its everything you could get out of a printed magazine plus tons of extra "electronic" features you could only get on a tablet.  You can double tap zoom, flip, click on links, watch videos, and much much more.



You can easily scroll thru the magazine with a swipe of your finger.  It really uses the full capability of the iPad and truly does have that apple worthy sleek feel/design to it.



If you see a photo that you would like to see larger, just double tap the photo and voila! It jumps out of the page and fits to the entire screen.


Above photo taken by RC Concepcion


And that's only the beginning of it. There's built in videos, built in web access to products in the magazine, the list goes on and on.  And I'm sure there will be even more great ideas and features to come.


Great job Kelby Team and Thank You!


Check out the official iTunes preview page.

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