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Photography by Nicholas Wall

Barber Vintage Fest

Barber Vintage Fest

This past weekend I went to Birmingham for the 8th Annual Barber Vintage Fest at Barber Motorsports Park. It was the second time I had been to the park. I went back in April for the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. It was as beautiful as ever and we enjoyed some truly wonderful weather.

I went up early for the MotoGiro South event. I drove the chase truck behind all of the vintage motorcycle riders. It was a beautiful drive up and down, the winding route through the countryside of Birmingham.




Above: It was a vintage motorcycle event; Some of the bikes needed a little tuning.


Above: Two riders of the Port City Custom Team (Maurice and Richard)


Above: GoPro ready to record




Above: The overall winner of the event; SHE beat all of the guys!



The Vintage Fest started on Friday and ended Sunday. We had a sweet setup in the swap meet area where everyone's "junk" became someone else's treasure (think tons of vintage motorcycle gear, parts, and everything else you can imagine).


Above: Our swap meet counter


Above: The "VIP" Lounge



Above: The Port City Customs Mascot


Above: The vintage costume contest winner



There were races going on all weekend with all of the riders racing on vintage bikes. 





Would you ride in the orb of death with your mom? Yup, it happened. Even crazier a mom went inside of it with her 14-year old son.



The phone box – not phone booth

On Saturday there was an auction where they sell all sort of vintage gear, bikes, parts, and apparently a reproduction of a English phone box. Richard pictured above in the Moto Giro event above- part of Port City Customs – just happens to be British and was eyeing the phone box during the auction. Lo and Behold an hour later a bright red phone box was being hauled on a pallet jacket shows up at the swap meet spot. It was the highlight of the night.






And to cap off a great day there was a nice firework display.



The Vintage Motorcycle Festival was lots of fun and if you're interested in vintage bikes, I would highly recommend it.  And Barber Motorsports was, as usual, the most gorgeous track I've ever been too. To check out the rest of the photos go to my Facebook Page or visit me on Google Plus




  • Barber ROCKS I hope to make it there  every year  ‘Till I Die ! …..Great times !

  • Yea I had a great time. It was the second time I had been to Barber. That is one awesome beautiful park. I’ll be heading back there in April for the Indy race and hopefully back again in October for the festival. Maybe I’ll see you there; get some shots of you on the track!