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Photography by Nicholas Wall

Saints vs Redskins

Saints vs Redskins

The New Orleans Saints have not had a great start. In fact they have had a terrible start at 0-4! At least I got to attend the Saints vs Redskins game and take some shots of the game. Being that our seats are about the 7th row, its almost like being on the field. Not really.. but it's close enough to get a few good shots. So I "snuck" my 70-200mm into the game (It's a 1/2" longer than the max 6" lens they allow us "non-photographers" to bring into the game) and was able to snap off a "few" shots during the game. I say a "few" very sarcastically because it was anything but a "few". I get home and import them into my computer and wind up with having to go through like 600 photos. I guess that's I get for having a "few" drinks during the game – sarcasm is still in effect 🙂

Anyway here we go:

Above: And.. this was probably the highlight of the game. Because the "RGIII Show" hadn't started yet.


Above: This is my favorite shot; Jimmy Graham is a beast!


Above: What used to be the three headed monster 😛


Above: Strief!!


Above: Sir Saint!


Above: Strief next to Jimmy Graham. You get to really see how freakin huge Graham is!!


Above: Drew and his pal Lance



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