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Photography by Nicholas Wall

Tech Friday – All sorts of announcements


Canon 5d Mark III

Check out B&H Photo's review of the new 5D III. It didn't follow what some people had hoped; competing with the new Nikon D800 (36 MP!!). But still with all the new improvements it is sure to make a splash in the Canon world.



iPad 3


Apple came out with "The new iPad" on Wednesday. I'm sure they will sell like hot cakes like they also do but it kinda felt like the iPhone 4s launch. You just were expecting the "new" feature that no one has thought of yet. The new iPad still has some great features which you knew were coming. The new "retina" screen will be incredible for displaying high res images and the 4G capability will also help with downloading and uploading large pictures and video.



Canon 600ex-rt

The biggest feature I can see making this flash worth forking up $630 for is the new radio-wave communication built into the flash. Check out B&H Photo's review.



Lightroom 4 Release

Out of the four new products listed, this is the one I;m most excited about.  I have been using the beta version for the past month or so and it is wonderful.  The simple capability of viewing and slightly changing video is very nice; not to mention the new book, and maps module. But most importantly is the very noticeable upgrade with regards to range of the sliders in the develop module. And to top it off, Adobe cut the price in HALF. $149 for the full version and $79 for the upgrade. For more info on what the new version bring check out NAPP's Lightroom 4 Launch Center.