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Photography by Nicholas Wall

Tech Friday – Lenses Extender from


Extender Review

A couple weeks ago I rented an extender (Canon EF 1.4x III) for my 70-200mm f/4 from; It was really great to have that extra reach with the extender and since it was used with my 7D (cropped sensor) it turned my 200mm into a 448mm (1.4 x 1.6 x 200mm). The only down side to using a 1.4x extender is you lose one stop of light, so the lowest f-stop I can shoot at is f/5.6. But that wasn't too big a deal since I was shooting in bright light and didn't need to stop down too far.

All in all, it did its job very well!


BorrowLenses Review

At first I had a bit of a hiccup getting my rental. I wasn't going to be home to sign for the package so I had it shipped to a FedEx Office location (not a big deal) The problem arose when I went to go pick up the package. I had been tracking the package the day of delivery and saw that it was last scanned in Memphis around 1:00 PM (with delivery by 4:30PM).  I thought "Man, that's kind of cutting it close". So around 7:30 when I went to go pick up from FedEx, there was NO package there. Oh no!

For some reason I thought there might be problem with receiving my package so I had it delivered on Wednesday even though I didn't need it till Friday when I left for Birmingham. Long story short, my package got delayed reasons still unknown and was sitting on the ramp at the airport at 9:00PM. Went back the next day and there it was all packed and pretty. Took it home, packed it away, and off we went to the races.

I'll rent from BorrowLenses again. Their prices are completive with every other rental service and there customer service is great and they are always posting great videos and articles on their Facebook Page.